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About Me
Lawrence R. Dagstine was born on March 25th 1974.  He has been a New Yorker all his life, living in 3 out of the 5 major boros.  

A graduate of journalism school, some of his interests include reading, writing FICTION, wrestling, baseball, video games, philosophical stuff, and the arts.

You can find some of his life's work in the miscellaneous section of this site.

His fiction has appeared in publications such as PABLO LENNIS, PLIEADES, LOST WORLDS, THE ULTIMATE UNKNOWN, THE FIFTH DI, and of course many others.

His non-fiction has appeared in ALTERNATE PERCEPTIONS and GOTTA WRITE NETWORK.

His art can be found on sites such as ART CRIMES, SIXCENTZ, and TAG WARFARE under the handle, SOBER.

THE DEVIL'S PUNCHBOWL is also another one of his many sites